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Welcome at Sparkling Projects

Sparkling creative with sustainable energy

Sparkling Projects is full of innovation. For clients who want to get a grip on their energy supply and usage, we provide technical solutions for the energy cases of the future. We achieve this by carefully considering the way we generate and consume energy in a fundamentally different way.  We do not hold on to old values, but go in new directions with our innovative ideas. That's the challenge we would be glad to take on with you.

Our expertise

Funding and financing advice

Realizing energy innovation is expensive. Subsidy often offers a solution, but the application is specialist work. It requires knowledge of technology, costs and benefits. Sparkling Projects knows the provincial, national and European subsidy funds and supervises the application process for energy and environmental subsidies. We also are happy to think along about innovative other ways of financing.

Project development

A good idea does not (yet) make an innovation. The often lengthy process from thinking to executing requires constant monitoring, adjustment and problem-solving. Sparkling Projects supports you in this. We supervise and develop innovative energy projects ourselves. We set frameworks and goals and don’t get nervous because of setbacks during the realization. There always is a solution.

Measurement and control advice

Energy systems can always be innovated. By precisely regulating and adjusting them. By creating conditions so separate systems can communicate with each other. And by ensuring that disruptions are kept to a minimum. Sparkling Projects’ measurement and control advice ensures that you can get the most out of your energy systems.

Technical advice

Sparkling Projects’ partners and consultants are experienced engineers who have technology running through their veins. They have practical and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies. Not only do they advise on this, but they can also work hands-on with the technical design of installations and systems. We know what works, how it works, and how you can get even more out of it.

Project management

You can’t impose innovation, it must be widely supported. It mostly isn’t about the content of the project, but about the people you work with. Sparkling Projects puts together strategic teams, motivates and inspires them to make a substantial contribution to the project. We empower people, give them all freedom they need and get the best out of them.

Research & Development

Technological developments in the energy world follow each other very quickly. Therefore, we are directly involved in many innovations within the world of industrial cooling technologies and heat pumps. Sparkling Projects researches the latest techniques for feasibility and affordability. Furthermore, we develop and realize innovative systems at our own risk and expense. Leading the way in the energy transition is the cornerstone of our existence.

Recent projects

Some of our most memorable projects

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