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Ron Raangs

Refrigeration is the basis of our current food supply and therefore it’s almost impossible to imagine our society without it. Think of the year-round storage of fruits and vegetables, or food transport all around the world. My specialism is industrial refrigeration technology, in which the products and underlying processes are central. The refrigeration system must serve the customer, with attention to the products and processes and not the other way around, this is very important to me in my work. Finding and realizing the best and most suitable solution together with customers and installers, that’s what makes me happy.

I have a background in physics, which allows me to look at processes in different ways, and on different levels. In this craft, there is no standard installation which is optimal in every situation. I aim to translate the customer’s question towards an optimal tendering towards installation companies, and to guide customers in acquiring the right optimalisations for their installations, fitting with their ambitions, products, processes and other considerations.

Some of my other specialisms include thermodynamic calculations for refrigeration installations and thermophysical calculations for products, processes or built constructions. I find the cases where standard software is not sufficient most interesting. In these cases, it comes down to the known laws of physics, the Mollier-diagram, PH-diagrams of refrigerants, energy- and mass-balance, and so on.

Working in the energy branch is interesting because it’s very much in flux right now. The way we look at energy and other resources changes (think of energy sources-, prices- and storage, for example), which requires a new way of thinking for everyone involved. What I like about working at Sparkling Projects is that we have a lot of knowledge with which we can support customers in nearly all fields related to sustainability.