Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar energy has enormous potential. The energy yield per panel is continuously improving. Furthermore, the turn-key prices of the systems continue to fall. The government stimulates the use of solar panels on large roofs with various subsidies. There is no point in waiting to invest because the subsidies are adjusted annually to the technology and cost of that moment.

Sparkling Projects has now created a positive business case with solar panels for more than 100 companies and schools, both in existing construction and in new construction. With more than 15 years of experience in the solar sector, we are one of the leading engineering firms in the field of solar PV.

With Sparkling Projects, you will achieve a high-quality project at a competitive price. Even if you let third parties invest, we guarantee the quality so you remain in control of your roof.

Find out what we can do for you

  • Development and realisation of roof installations and free field systems
  • Supply of technical and commercially complete specifications and taking care of the tender
  • Carrying out inspections and delivery following NEN1010:2015 (with attention to lightning protection, operational reliability, and home insurance requirements)
  • Taking stock and providing financing options (green financing, project financing, MIA/SDE)
  • Structuring a solar panel project between different legal entities and for multi-company buildings
  • Opmtimising the interaction of solar panels with their energy consumption and the use of energy storage
  • Scope-12 inspections

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