We work hard on sustainable solutions


Creative solutions for inspiring energy-innovations

Sparkling Projects makes innovations for sustainable energy achievable.

We give our clients insight in the possibities that generating and applying sustaiable energy offers for their company or organisation. We do this from five professional fields which complement and reinforce each other. Together they form a complete package of services and solutions that lead to inspiring energy innovations.


From thinking together to creating together

Sparkling Projects likes to roll up their sleeves. As a result of our years of expertise, we know what is happening in the world of energy, which challenges there are and how we can help you and your organisation to find a solution. It all starts with a good idea. It is the startingpoint for innovative energyprojects that can change the world forever.

Subsidy and financing advice

Realizing energy innovationisexpensive. Subsidy often offers a solution, but the application is specialist work. It requires knowledge of technology, costs and benefits. Sparkling Projects knows the provincial, national and European subsidy funds and supervises the application process for energy and environmental subsidies. We alsoare happyto think along about innovative other ways of financing.

Project development

A good ideadoes not (yet) makean innovation. The often lengthy process from thinking toexecutingrequires constant monitoring, adjustment and problem-solving. Sparkling Projects supports you in this. We supervise and develop innovative energy projects ourselves. We set frameworks and goals and don’t get nervousbecause ofsetbacks during the realization. Therealwaysis a solution.

Measurement and control advice

Energy systems can always beinnovated. By precisely regulating and adjusting them. By creating conditionssoseparate systems can communicate with each other. And by ensuring that disruptions are kept to a minimum. Sparkling Projects’ measurement and control adviceensuresthat you can get the most out of your energy systems.

Technical advice

Sparkling Projects’ partners and consultants are experienced engineers who have technologyrunningthrough their veins. They have practical and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies. Not only do they advise on this, but they can also work hands-on with the technical design of installations and systems. We know what works, how it works, and how you can get even more out of it.

Project management

Youcan’timpose innovation, it must be widely supported.It mostly isn’t about the content of the project, but about the people you work with. Sparkling Projects puts together strategic teams,motivates and inspiresthemto make a substantial contribution to the project. We empower people, give themall freedom they needand get the best out of them.

Research and Development