Koos Agtereek

Technology, in general, is my passion, especially when it comes to making processes more sustainable. I’m in my element when I’m looking for solutions and guiding the process of sustainability. Designing industrial refrigeration installations has been one of my main activities for years. In addition to industrial processes, questions about making the existing environment (homes, residential buildings, neighbourhoods, and city districts) more sustainable are also increasingly coming my way.

The combination of installation technology and heat pump technology have become a specialty of mine over the years. the application of those by the means of a ATES (WKO) systems in particular. This is mainly because the technology is closely intertwined with refrigeration technology.

In addition to the cold and warm side of technology, I am also closely involved with the sunny side of things. In doing so, we guide our customers through the subsidy application process and subsequent tendering of the often extensive solar PV projects.

Do you have questions about the possibilities of refrigeration technology or solar energy for your company or organization? Please contact me and call me on +31(0)6-40898952 or send an email to ka@sparklingprojects.nl

"If you focus on costs, the quality will go down. If you focus on quality, the costs will go down ."